New Year, New Job: 5 Must Haves For A Lady’s First Day!

It’s a new year and you’re starting it off with a bang after landing yourself a new job. Woohoo! While the thought of starting a new job is exciting, it can be quite stressful too. Whether it’s figuring out what to wear, remembering your new co-workers’ names, or trying to make a good first impression on your new boss, your first day at a new job can be so nerve wrecking.

We know you have a ton of things to think about before the big day but the best thing you can do to start off on the right foot is to be prepared. Chances are you’re not quite sure what’s in store, so why not have a few lady essentials ready just in case? Here are the 5 must-have items you should pack to help you survive Day #1 at your new job.

         1. Blazer

        Unless you’re absolutely certain of the dress code for your new office, it’s always great to have a blazer on hand so that you’re not too underdressed. Granted that you can simply ask your new boss what is expected, just in case you didn’t, this is a must-have that won’t fail you. Not to mention, it doesn’t matter what you wear on your first day—a blazer is an easy way to take your look up a notch and appear more professional to your new boss.

       2. Notepad

           Your first day of work is often filled with loads of information, some of which may be difficult to absorb and can leave you feeling quite overwhelmed. We don’t want that to show on our first day now do we? A cute notepad will be your holy grail and could possibly save you from many mistakes. Most managers will take note of a new employee who doesn’t pay attention or listen well. However, it’s a great show on your part if you’re taking the initiative to write down all the important details that you’re receiving in order to avoid missing any key details in the tons of information being handed to you.

       3. Mints

           First impressions really count on your first day at a new job. Truth be told, your behaviour and appearance are constantly being examined by your new boss and co-workers whether you like it or not. There’s a high possibility that you’d spend most of the day introducing yourself to your new colleagues—and if you’re a socialite you might just end up having lunch with some of them. At the end of the day, the last thing you want is to be remembered as the new girl with smelly breath, so carry some mints or breath freshener in your handbag just to avoid the embarrassment.

       4. Makeup bag

           It would really suck if after making it through the morning smoothly, your makeup starts to run and you have nothing prepared for a quick touch up. You definitely don’t want a case of smudged mascara after nailing it all morning. It’s a safe bet to keep your makeup bag in your handbag stocked with everyday essentials for a quick touch up just in case you find yourself in a not-so-cute situation that needs fixing.

      5. Painkillers

         You want to be ready for any potential pain that might pop up and prevent you from functioning at your best on day one. To avoid any discomfort, pack Advil, Panadol or whatever works best for you. You don’t want to be complaining of a headache on the first day—or worse, have to leave early because of it. If you know you’re prone to headaches, menstrual cramps or other symptoms, have that mini first aid pouch in your hand bag filled with all the medicine you may require. There’s no need to go full pharmacy of course but remember to pack what’s absolutely necessary.

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