Four Ways to Be the Best Maid of Honour (Because You Know It’s Engagement Season)

There’s nothing you see more on Facebook the morning of Christmas than engagement announcements. For some unbeknownst reason, people have decided that the best way to celebrate Jesus’ birth is by putting a ring on it.

Personally, I think it’s just laziness: you can’t forget the anniversary of proposing if it’s the same day as a monumental holiday. You’ll always remember December 25, and you’ll get brownie points with the wifey for life. Smart move, guys. But with all of these engagement announcements comes maid of honour proposals, and with that comes responsibilities!

Have no fear, XX has your back when it comes to figuring out exactly what you need to do to be the world’s best MOH.



No, we’re not saying hijack your friend’s wedding planning, but it’s about to be a stressful few months for her.

She has to make some major decisions like choosing bridesmaids, the wedding dress and oh, the guest list. The best way to show you’re all in as a maid of honour is to step up to the challenge and be troupe leader of the bridesmaids.

Create a group chat, plan bachelorette party themes, and come up with ideas to make your best friend feel as showered as possible before her big day! All you do will help her to feel more at ease!

Plus, the less stressed she is, the less chances of her going bridezilla on the day, which is always a win-win!



We’re gonna say this once: it’s not your day. It’s your friend’s day, and chances are, she’s been dreaming about it for a very long time. So when she asks you to try on a bridesmaid dress that you so don’t love? Shut up about it.

Know what battles to fight, and this is not one. She’s not intentionally trying to sabotage you or make you look ugly. Chances are she has a theme or an idea in her head. Offer input and help, but don’t be picky when it comes to decisions involving you.

The retinue is looking to you for an example of how to act: so unless you want ten bridesmaids ganging up on your bride, zip your lip and move on.



The day of the wedding is going to be hectic. There’s the getting ready process, photos before the ceremony, then the actual ceremony, official photos and then finally, the reception, which has a schedule of its own too.

It’s going to be a long and crazy day, so there’s no room for mishaps. Run through checklists with the bridesmaids and ensure they have everything they need, try on your dress one more time before the big day to make sure everything is fitting perfectly and nothing needs last minute alterations, and clean up after yourself wherever you are.

These are tiny things, but make a huge difference on wedding day!



She needs you to run up to the wedding suite and grab a change of shoes for her? Go! She wants another glass of prosecco to drink? Grab it. She’s annoyed by that drunk uncle? Find a way to get rid of him.

Your job as the maid of honor isn’t to be her b*tch, but it’s to make sure that at the end of the day, she had the absolute best wedding day possible. If that means sacrificing a couple minutes to ensure her happiness, then so be it!

But most of all, be down to party right next to her, celebrate with her and relish in the moment right alongside her! It’s a monumental day, and you both survived! Now get a drink!

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