The Guide to Gifting Your Girl Gang: Christmas Edition

It’s that time again! Christmas time! A time to eat, drink, be overly merry, and to be both gift receiver and giver!

Truth be told, I really dislike having to go out shopping: the people/crowds, the never-ending search to find that perfect item, and, the pants (this is reason #1 I hate it, having to put on real pants.) But, despite my aversion to shopping I still consider myself an undefeated gift giver, mainly because my presents are well-thought out (most times) and I almost always stick to my budget because, well, I haven’t won the lotto just yet.

When it comes to shopping for your girl gang, a different level of shopping intensity is required. They’re all so unique and delightful in their own ways so you can’t just get them all the same thing. With different personalities, moods and tastes, you basically become a personal shopper for each squad member. Shopping for your squad requires careful thought, intricate details and asking 6 million questions about the item if needed.

For me, gift giving over the last few years has been a strictly local affair. Our local artisans pour their skill, countless hours and love into each and everything they conceive and is demonstrated by the mastery they bring forward. And, there’s a brand for everyone, even your complex group of besties! Don’t believe me?

Then keep reading!

The Beauty & Product Junkie:

Armed with an arsenal of mists, butters, scrubs, balms and oils, this member of the Girl Gang has unlocked that Goddess level glow from head to toe.

With a recent surge in number of locally made natural and organic skin care products, you have quite a bit of options. However, over the last few months, there are lines I’ve tried that have passed the test and are now gift approved.

Savon Art Scentsations is whipping up soaps, lotions, body butters, lip balms and lip scrubs that’s every beauty junkies dream. From berry, to almond biscotti to margarita lime there’s a wide range of ‘Scensations’ to tantalize your tastes. Savon Art is also doing perfume solids which are scented body balms activated by your body heat to release fragrance and moisture so it can be used anywhere about the body.

Now that we’ve taken care of her skin, we need to be sure her hair is covered too! Crowning Glory provides the security our naturally- curly haired girl needs while she gets her beauty sleep with their silk bonnet and pillow case combo designed to keep tangles away, moisture in check and evade hair dryness.

But before she even secures the hair, she must get through the event known as wash day. This involves, shampoo, conditioner, oils, creams, moisturizing products and the list can go on forever. Thankfully Wholesome You has all the items on this forever list. Grab a Mint Ginger Clarifying Herbal Black Soap shampoo to refresh her scalp and renew her luscious locs, then, follow up with a Shea Marshmallow Conditioner. From start to end, there’s enough goodies to be getting her presents for years to come.

The One Who Lives in their Own World:

Often lost to her own devices, she’s a quiet soul who enjoys her own company and loves to immerse herself in peaceful affairs. Colouring for adults is used as a form of meditation and therapy and for someone who might need a point of focus and appreciates moments in solitude, a colouring book might be the right thing.

Jade Gedeon, illustrator of Rainforest, Island, Carnival, and Thailand Escape shares her experiences in travel and life in Caribbean through colouring book. The detailed pages explore art, culture, flora, and fauna that make you take a second to admire it all when you’re done with the masterpiece. The textured pages assure you that the people, places and things are so very real and there’s so much to see that your bestie is sure to feel grounded afterward.

For those who reside in their own world, it’s best to keep that world well decorated. Very Verde specialises in wooden and concrete décor items to give her personal space that special touch. With glass and concrete planters for succulents, super adorable desk clocks, shelves for the minimalist and unparagoned candle holders, her world will be one she’ll never want to leave.

The group Mentor who’s wise beyond her years:

With wisdom abound, the group sage is found often in deep thought and brings such interesting and practical views to any group conversation. From boy troubles to discussing politics, she knows it all. This means, that at the end of each day, that ever-turning brain of hers craves time to unwind!

Her escape would be easily found in The Arôme Candle Company. Arôme crafts hand-poured Fruity, Floral, Calming and Holiday scented candles (I’m also quite sure I’m missing some) that perfectly suits taste or mood to create an atmosphere to bring ultimate peace and comfort at any time of day.

Arôme doesn’t stop at candles, so for those who are a bit scared about leaving the candle lit, there’s also wax melts. With the melts, you get the same crisp, delicious, rich scents fragrance but instead you just plug in your wax warmer and you’re instantly whisked away to a place far-flung.

What better to do when sitting, taking in the delectable fragrance of your candle, than to have a cup of tea? At this point in life, tea is basically a hug in a cup and Teaspott is providing you with endless hugs for those tough days. From your usual green tea, to fusions like Pina Colada, Turmeric Tonic and Mulled Wine you get a flavour that’s your ideal warm, affectionate, long hug- just it comes in a cup!

The Free Spirit:

She has a knack for spontaneous trips, eternally lives in the moment and certainly marches to the beat of her own drum.  For her, the world is a playground and there’s no stopping what she can do.

Spirit of Naiad forges armour for the free-spirited warrior. From minimalist charm rings, to chokers and stackable bangles they fit snuggly into all her adventures.  Led by simplicity and the beauty of the world around us, Naiad was designed to complement the unfettered so as to not obstruct them while they live life to the fullest.

While she’s already adequately accessorised, an outfit should be added to the mix. Brown Cotton Caribbean is fun, playful, and so full of life, everything your free-spirited friend can be described as. There’s colour, there’s prints, fun shapes and styles that the free-spirit can cling to, that she’ll feel represents her outlook on life, to live colourfully and fearlessly!

The One that’s 100% Glam 100% of the time:

You tell her it’s a casual gathering and she shows up in heels, a cape jacket and statement jewellery. Her name has already come to mind, I’m sure. We all have this friend, she is adamant that you can never be overdressed and ensures she lives this every single day.

When I think statement, I think Cocoa Vintage. Why? Because from a Caribbean perspective it embodies the vibrancy of who we are, and likely to embody the personality of this esteemed girl gang member. Whether her preferred piece is a necklace, earrings, or bracelets there’s at least one piece that just screams her name. Her dramatic, colourful persona is beautifully matched by the oversized pieces Cocoa Vintage brings.

On the flip side, sometimes she prefers to be minimalistic, mysterious yet chic and there’s one clothing designer that checks all these boxes- Adrian Foster! The monochromatic signature designs from Adrian presents each road, hallway and walkway, as a runway to be conquered by the wearer who almost always seems unbothered but is quite aware of how fabulous they truly are.  It’s subtle with a hint of dramatic so your glammed friend will achieve her exact desired effect from walking into any room.

So… still not sure what to get your besties this Christmas? Hopefully I got your gift giving wheels turning and you’ve started making your list. After all, Christmas is upon us!


Rochelle is a 25 yr old Digital Marketer by day, Blogger/ Beauty Product Junkie by night. And all day, every day she’s an advocate for things local & regional. Her blog features products and services available right here in Trinidad & Tobago and by extension the Caribbean so that we can get familiar. Follow her on Instagram  @eller_style!

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