Four Easy Ways to Incorporate the New Pantone Colour of the Year into Your Life

The time has come for Pantone to announce their newest colour of the year as 2019 rapidly approaches, and the result is a pinky-orange shade they call ‘Living Coral’.

While you might not give much thought to what’s chosen as this year’s it-colour, it actually has a lot of thoughtful roots. Each year, the decision is made based on many different factors, including something called zeitgeist, or the spirit of the times – so if they feel that the world needs a little uplifting, they might choose a brighter colour, for example.

And of course, the Pantone colour of the year will pop up on runways all over the world, and soon in stores and probably your closet. So it’s worth getting comfortable with the bright shade.


If you’re ready to dive head-first into the tropical hue, then picking up clothes in the shade is the perfect fit for you. Right now, you may not see too much of the colour on clothing racks, but in just a few months, the colour will be everywhere and you won’t be able to ignore it.

If you’re confident, rock a coral dress and bright accessories to your next function, or a pop-of-colour coral shirt to brighten up your everyday jeans look.A little shier with your wardrobe? Start small and build your way up as you introduce the colour to your closet. Soon, you’ll be reaching for your Living Coral gown and you’ll have Pantone to thank!


Ok, sometimes the bright and the bold isn’t for everyone. And that’s alright! There’s power in recognizing what is and isn’t for you. If bright coral clothing isn’t your thing, then go even smaller and introduce the pop of colour in a more exciting way: through your accessories. And luckily it’s easy to welcome the colour in a small way!

Whether you pick up a bright statement clutch, an everyday tote bag or a pair of to-die-for earrings that you can pair with every neutral outfit, you’ll be showcasing your love and understanding of fashion and trends, as well as the best of your bold personality. Plus, you’ll look damn good doing it! Talk about a win/win/win, are we right?


If you don’t find that you’re jumping for joy at including someone else to your daily routine or changing your regular style, then maybe this might be more your speed.Whether it’s adding a pinky-orange blush to your cheekbones, or rocking that perfect coral shade on your lips, there’s so much possibility and opportunity to include the new hottest colour into your makeup routine.

Luckily, for those of us who are more hesitant about rocking colour, this is a perfect segue into bolder, brighter makeup shades.The best part, however, is that this bright coral shade looks good on EVERYONE, no matter their colouring or undertone!


So the idea of wearing Living Coral everywhere else gives you anxiety? We get it.Do you really want to buy something you’re not 100 percent sure you’ll wear, and instead watch it sit in your wardrobe? Likely not.

But luckily, there’s one easy way to rock the shade without sacrificing too much money: nail polish. Whether you have a standing manicure appointment, or you like to do-it-yourself at home, this bright shade will look amazing on the nails of people of all different shades.

Plus, if you don’t like it: no harm, no foul. You can change the colour at any time, and it won’t cost you a thing. Now that’s worth trying, right?

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