Why You Might Be Breaking Out Unexpectedly (And Unwantedly!)

No one likes a random breakout – and especially during the busiest and craziest time of the year.

Let’s be real: there’s never a good time to get a pimple, but certainly not when you have limes, parties and dinners to attend every other night to celebrate the season.While sometimes acne just happens to the best of us, most times there’s a reason for your sudden breakout.

Not sure what’s causing it? You’ll want to see a dermatologist and figure out what’s happening for real. But until then, see if any of these factors are making a negative impact on your skin. You’ll be surprised what can cause those pesky pimples.


This is the toughest one because anything can cause acne. But think about the things that can touch your face on a single daily basis: anything from your hands to your cell phone to your hair to your pillow, and more.

Think about all of the bacteria that lives on your phone. Every time we respond to a text, we add even more bacteria to the screen, so when we answer a call and press that same screen to our cheek, it’s transferring all that bacteria to your skin.

Also, for those who have oily hair, hairstyles that touch your face, like bangs, can add oils to your skin that’ll lead to breakouts. On that note, our hair, mouth and sometimes, ew, drool, touches our pillowcases, which transfers the same bacteria to our face and can cause those unwanted breakouts.

Take a look at your daily routine and see if your breakouts pop up more when you do certain things than others. Do you press your phone to your right cheek? If you find yourself breaking out on that side of your face, you might just have your answer.


We’ve grown up knowing the importance of a good skincare routine, but who would have thought that taking care of your skin could lead to a breakout?

That making any sense? As it turns out, yes, because there’s such a thing as over-caring for your skin, especially if your skincare regime contains lots of harsh chemicals.

If you’re using too many alcohol-based products, they might dry out your skin by stripping it of the important oils in your face. While we think, “less oil, isn’t that good?”, it actually can cause some serious damage to your skin.

So maybe you should take a look at your skincare products if you’re experiencing out-of-the-blue breakouts.


On the other hand, if you find yourself being a little lazy sometimes, and skipping your skincare routine, especially after wearing makeup all day, well then you have your answer.

We get it, it happens: you get home late, especially after liming or a fete, and all you want to do is pass out in your bed, but you have to train yourself out of this habit. While you’re thinking ok, one night won’t hurt my skin for real, you’re wrong because it actually does.

Makeup, combined with your own natural oils, can clog pores, which in turn lead to breakouts. This happens naturally all throughout the day, even without wearing makeup, so when you decide to skip the nighttime routine and head to bed with makeup still on, or just barely washed off, you’re basically asking for a pimple or ten.

That being said, you shouldn’t skip your morning routine either, because of that same natural oil that’s produced even in your sleep.

So even if it means doing a quick face wash, or using cleansing wipes on those particularly lazy nights, you’ll be doing your skin a favour.

So there you have it: just some of the reasons you might be experiencing an unwanted breakout. Who knew it might be your fault? We certainly didn’t!

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