4 Easy Ways to Get in the Christmas Spirit While You’re Still at the Office

We are officially in December, which means that Christmas is around the corner and will be here before we even know it. And while that means that we get a few days off to enjoy with our friends and family, it also means that there’s so much work to finish before we take the time off.

Because of this, the stress levels might be higher than normal, and you may not be feeling in the Christmas spirit. And that can impact at home too!

We don’t have winter and snowy scenes or Hallmark movies on repeat to have us feeling in the spirit, so we’ll have to make do.

Here are four easy ways you can get in the Christmas spirit at the office:



The first and most obvious step to making sure you’re in the Christmas spirit is to decorate the office and make it feel like it stepped straight out of a Lifetime Christmas special. You know exactly what we mean.

Not every office has the time (or the budget) to put up a full Christmas tree, but there are easy ways to still make the office feel festive without putting a whole tree and ornaments up. Start small with a wreath or two, or some easy-DIY paper snowflakes.

Hanging a few little string lights or garlands can make the world of a difference in a dull, holiday-less office. It’s a simple way to feel festive without too much effort.



Whether it’s Parang or classic Christmas songs, there’s nothing like some feel-good music to put you in the mood. Whenever we’re feeling particularly un-festive, turning on our go-to Christmas playlist changes that easily.

Today’s top musicians have all released a song or two for Christmas, making their way into homes all over the world, and soon, your office. Don’t just blast music without consulting your coworkers though: you’ll want to make sure it’s not too distracting for them. But if you get the go ahead, turn on that holiday playlist and feel like a child on Christmas morning, right from your office.



This is a worldwide favourite for an instant Christmas mood builder. Let’s be real: there’s nothing people like more than getting gifts, and presents are such an easy way to build Christmas spirit.

It doesn’t have to be big (hey, we’re all on a budget here!) but setting an affordable-by-all budget, you can extend your gift exchange through the whole month of December. Instead of daily or weekly gifts, leave hints day by day, and exchange gifts on the last work day before the holidays.

Make it into a game: if you guessed your correct Secret Santa, you can win a prize – a gift card to somewhere.



Of course, the easiest way to get into the Christmas spirit is by hosting an office Christmas party.

Make it catered, or a potluck. Filled with alcohol, or sober. The details can be worked out by what works for your office, and you and your coworkers. But whatever the plan is, make sure everyone dresses festively. There has to be Santa hats and ugly Christmas sweaters, and lots and lots of funny photos and memories.

Not only is it a great way to get into the holiday spirit, but a great way to make memories with your coworkers and end the year on a high note.

Sounds like fun, right?

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