5 Beauty Products That Every Woman Needs in Her Makeup Bag



Let’s be real: breakouts happen. Also, dark circles are not our friend.

But what will become your newfound best friend is a good tube of concealer. Luckily, concealer comes in all shapes, consistencies, coverage levels and price points, so there’s always the perfect one for any situation you’ll find yourself in.

Have problem skin? Try a concealer that’s easily buildable to help cover any blemishes.



Finding a foundation that’s your perfect shade can feel like it’s impossible – but it’s definitely not. There are a few simple tricks to figure out what your right shade should be: taking into account your complexion, undertone and skin type (and it’s all on XXthemag.com if you’re looking for an easy guide!). Even if it’s something you wear once a month, foundation is a must-have for every woman who wants to create that finished look.



If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then that means the eyebrows are the curtains – and they’re important. A bad brow can be downright traumatising, but thankfully 2018 seems to be the year of the brow, and anything can be fixed if you try hard enough.

Of course, if microblading isn’t your thing, then you’ll want to make sure your makeup bag carries a brow pencil or gel, to ensure your eyebrows are on fleek 24/7.



Yes, while makeup brushes are important, makeup sponges are the new must-have in every bag. Not only does it apply the concealer and foundation (and even blush and bronzer!) evenly and flawlessly, but it gives you the most natural finish – making you look like you’re not even wearing makeup, in a good way.

Especially if you have problem skin, a beauty sponge will help to add layers to your face without caking it on!



Why would you create a masterpiece and not set it to dry? Well, that’s what setting spray is: protection for your masterpiece beat of your face.

Let’s be real, you’ve spent almost an hour ensuring that every single inch of your face looks absolutely flawless, so why would you let it melt right off when you walk outside? Setting spray is a must-have for makeup lovers at any level, and you won’t want to leave home without a final spritz.

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