5 Lessons You Learn From Dating The Wrong Guy



We’ve all been there – you’re in a new relationship and you really want this to work out. But there’s something deep down that’s making you feel a little off. It’s nothing, right?

Right? Wrong. If you have an inkling deep down in your heart, or your stomach, that this guy might not be the best fit, or might not have the best intentions, take a minute to listen to that feeling. That’s intuition talking, and while we sometimes choose to ignore it in favour of what we want, or hope, to happen, it’s important to be realistic, and listen to your gut.

The wrong guy teaches you that your intuition knows best – so when the right guy comes along, you can trust your gut on it.



We know these guys: they say allll the right things, but somehow manage to do all the wrong ones. They make the world of promises to you, talk a big game about your relationship or what they think of you and your future together, and then somehow their actions seem to be the total opposite of what they’re saying.

If you feel like your guy is selling dreams and making promises that you know will never come to light, then he’s definitely the wrong one. But dating him teaches you that the right guy will always follow up on his words, will never just say things to buy himself more time, and will make actions as quickly as he speaks.



Sometimes it takes dating the wrong person to realize that you want something completely different.

Or maybe, what you thought you wanted is actually very different to what you actually want in a relationship. Dating the wrong guy teaches you exactly what you’re looking for, in every sense of the word.

You’ll date someone that meets these requirements now, not just because they look good on paper”, but because you can connect better, deeper and truer, and you feel that they’ll respect you, your wishes and your wants.

And there’s nothing better than knowing exactly what you want.




Yes, while dating the wrong guy can teach us what we want in a relationship, it can also teach us exactly what we don’t want in one.

The wrong person teaches us all of the red flags that we should beware of, and how to avoid them. Date enough of these wrong guys, and you’ll be able to spot another wrong one from miles away.

You’ll know where they lime, know how they act and talk, which means it’ll be easier for you to realize they’re not right for you before feelings get involved.

And the less time we spend catching feelings for the wrong guys, the more time we have to develop meaningful relationships with potential Mr. Rights.



Perhaps the biggest and most important lesson you walk away with after dating the wrong guy (or several wrong guys!) is what you deserve, how you should be treated, knowing how to stand up for yourself, when to walk away from Mr. Wrong, and when to let go of the guy who’s so clearly not right for you.

You’re an independent, incredible woman, and you’re deserving of a man who will move mountains for you, make you feel unstoppable and be at your side on whatever journey you’re on.

Dating the wrong guy reminds you of your worth, and that you should only be in a relationship that’s worthy of your time, energy, and of course, your love.

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