Five Ways to Find Motivation in the Morning to Get out of Your Bed Happily



While we all want to be morning people, waking up at 5 am doesn’t work for everyone. But we’re grown-ups, and we have jobs, so we need to be responsible about the time that we wake up and go to bed. If you have a flexible schedule, and know that you can work around your ideal sleeping schedule, then choose the time that makes you feel like you’ve gotten enough sleep, while still not feeling like you’ve wasted the day.

If you know you have no choice but to wake up at the crack of dawn, make sure you’re going to bed early to compensate for it. You need to get at least six to seven hours of sleep to be a functioning human, though eight is always preferable. So knowing this, make sure you’re getting to bed 7-8 hours before your alarm clock, so you’re not fighting yourself to get off your bed in the morning.



If what you need to get you out of bed happily is to quite literally play happy music, then by all means, go ahead and make that happy playlist. Fill it with songs with lots of beats, singing and rhythm so you’ll find yourself dancing your way out of bed and into the shower, and soon you’ll be a morning person.

If the music is upbeat and motivational, it’ll help you start your day on a positive note, and it will even become something that you look forward to. Having something to look forward to in the morning tricks your brain into sleeping earlier (like, when you believed in Santa and would hurry to sleep on Christmas Eve), and it’ll be easier to rise in the morning because you’re internally excited to get ready.



While we’ve already discussed the benefits of journaling and how it can change your life, we haven’t told you how much journaling in the morning can improve your motivation. The answer: immensely!

Taking the time in the morning to sit down and reflect on the day before, and the day ahead of you, can help you to focus in on what you want to accomplish during the day, things you have to look forward to and goals you want to achieve. Putting this all down on paper is there to remind you of all the work you have to do and all that you can achieve – and there’s nothing more motivating than knowing you’re about to accomplish the world. Girl boss, am I right?



There’s nothing quite like the sound of amazing food and hot coffee to help you get out of bed. So if you know yourself, and know that you need motivation in the form of breakfast, make it a part of your everyday morning routine. Not only is eating a meal in the morning good for your metabolism, but it’s great for your daily motivation. You’ll start the day on a strong note: heading into the office less hungry and less distracted than normal.

Take the time to cook yourself your favourite breakfast in the morning, and try different blends of coffee so that every day is a little different than the last. Monotony breaks motivation, so make sure you’re always shaking things up, so that every single day, you find yourself excited to get off your bed and start your day.



If you still find that you’re not a morning person, and you’re still not feeling quite as motivated to jumpstart your day as you’d hoped, then try starting your day with smaller, administrative tasks. If you find that tasks that require a lot of brain power and mental energy are the ones that are harder for you to start, then tackle the smaller, less important things first to get you into the work mindset.

When you start your work day, check your email inbox first, reply to comments or put finishing touches on already-started projects. The more “little” things you cross off your list, the more you’ll feel like you’re getting stuff done, and the more motivated you’ll be to tackle big projects.

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