4 First Dates That Don’t Include Alcohol (Because Sometimes Your Liver Needs a Break)

First dates are scary enough, because you don’t really know this person, but you know enough about them to know that you’re attracted to them, and you want to like them. There’s a lot of pressure hanging in the air (unnecessarily, might we add) on both sides, and everyone wants to feel like they had fun, while still making sure the other person likes them. It’s a nerve-wracking experience, and sometimes alcohol makes it easier.

Drinking helps you relax, which helps you be your cool self on the date, and that’s perfect – but what if you don’t really feel to drink? Or your date is sober? Or you don’t want to put yourself in a vulnerable state this early on? Whatever the reason, it’s totally okay to not want to drink on a date – and there’s actually a lot of really fun things you can do that’ll still help you get to know each other, and have fun while doing it.



When last have you had a picnic? Forever ago, right? Us too. If you ask your parents, guarantee you they’ll talk all about their days of courting, going on picnics in the Savannah, sharing a snow cone between the two of them. Doesn’t that just sound romantic? But seriously, a picnic can be a great way to get to know someone on a first date – while still having fun.

Pack a blanket, cook your favourite, easy-to-travel meal or even pick up some to-go foods, and make the excuse to go back into the olden days. Share a snow cone, stop for some coconuts or just lay back and look at the sky while you get to know each other. If you want to pack in the fun, bring a game you think they’d like – and make it a challenge! Winner gets to pick the next date!



While it’s not as popular in Trinidad and Tobago as it is away, mini-golfing has popped up over the country over the last couple years, and it’s the perfect spot to go on a first date. Not only are you doing an activity that has a set time (you have to see the game through, but it also isn’t that long if the date is disastrous – win, win!), but it’s a chance to show off your sporty side.

Have none? Don’t worry, mini-golfing requires literally zero sport skills. Plus, if you don’t know how to play, imagine your date teaching you the ropes. It just sounds like a movie! But more than that, it’s a chance to show your fun, flirty and slightly competitive side – but make sure you don’t go over-the-top: no one like a sore loser.



Another great first date is to try your hand at a cooking class. Not only does it teach you a new skill, but you’re learning it alongside great company, and having fun while doing it. What better way to impress your date by your quick-to-learn cooking skills, or by making fun of yourself and your not-so-great cooking hand.

Either way, it’s an easy, fun and funny date that won’t last too long, but will leave you wanting a second date. Make it a challenge if you continue to date: each person has to showcase their cooking skills you picked up in class at some point. Plus, you get a great meal, and you learn something new – even if the relationship never takes off. We’re all for self-improvement, and this is a twofer!



While we’re not the land of amusement parks, we definitely have a few adventure parks that are perfect for a memorable first date. The idea of a date at a park like this is so romantic (it’s giving us major The Notebook feels), because not only do you get to explore with your date, but you’re quite literally laughing all night.

Between your hair after going on that flip-upside down ride, or your date winning you a stuffed animal, it’s a non-stop fun adventure. While we don’t boast Disneyland, we do have a few Coney Islands scattered around the country (one is even in the Savannah right now!), or head down to Chaguaramas to Five Islands or Skallywag Bay for a fun night.

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