5 Tips to Flatter Your Body, No Matter What Type

While the clothes that will flatter you definitely depend on your body type and shape, there are certainly some universal rules that work with women of every shape, size and height. Let’s be real: figuring out your body type can be hard. Gone are the days of fitting into generic shapes like apple and hourglass – and now our bodies have crossed many different boundaries.

So figuring it all out can be tough sometimes. And, if you’re constantly exercising or dieting, your body shape probably changes constantly too. So while, yes, it’s important to note what body type you have in order to really decipher what style of clothing will work best with your figure, it’s a good time to learn these one-size-fits-all tips.



While we love a figure-hugging dress, or jeans that show off our every curve, there’s a basic rule of thumb we should be following if you simply want to flatter your figure: choose one. If you’re wearing an outfit that consists of a bottom and top, you choose between them for which gets to be tight.

Meaning, if you’re wearing a super-fitted jeans, pair it with a looser top. Wearing a tight crop top? Opt for a looser pant. With this rule, we stay away with tight jeans with a tight top, hugging all the wrong places at the exact same time, or loose pants and a loose top, making you look like you just rolled out of bed.


If your personal style enjoys loud prints and patterns, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, remember that prints immediately draw your eye to that area. So, if you’re self-conscious about your thicker thighs, wearing a patterned jean will draw the attention there. And while there’s nothing wrong with showing your personality in your wardrobe, when it comes to prints, you’ll want to wear them sparingly.

No, we’re not saying monotonize your whole closet, but choose one pop of print per outfit – don’t pair a printed top with a printed bottom. Instead, try pairing with complimentary colours, to highlight the print and to flatter your body.


It goes without saying – if you have a problem area, the last thing you’ll want to do is highlight it. When we go out looking our best, we automatically feel our best and most confident, and choosing an outfit that will showcase our insecurities definitely gets in the way of that. So, knowing what our strengths and insecurities are, play that up with your fashion.

Have killer abs? Opt for a tight-fitting crop top to show off all your hard work in the gym. Have long, toned legs? Wearing a micro-mini or shorts will definitely help showcase them. Not so in love with your arms? Pick up shirts that have sleeves or draping to cover them up. Face is a little bloated? Stay away from high-neck looks that draw attention to it.


If you’re not blessed with the legs of a gazelle or Kendall Jenner, then your (short) height can sometimes show in clothes, making you look at times stumpy. No one wants that. While there’s nothing wrong with being under 5’10 and not walking runways, we definitely don’t want to look the opposite – short and wide. Sometimes pants can do that to us. But there are ways to create illusions with your clothes that make your body appear a little leaner and a little longer to help you fake that confidence.

One trick? Wearing high-waisted clothing. Not only does it draw attention to your waist – which is likely the smallest part of your body, but it also extends the appearance of the length of your legs, making you look statuesque.


There’s a reason black clothing is so widely loved and used in the fashion industry: it’s flattering. This is a rule that is basically universally agreed, and it’s why we are quick to pick up most items in black, to run to black leggings as our go-to pant, and why the phrase little black dress even exists in the first place.

But why? Who knew the reason behind it was this simple – black clothing hides all the shadows that lumps and bumps create. So, if we’re not as tight and toned as we wish we were, black hides all of the shadows that comes with those folds and rolls. Why? Because the colour black is the colour of the shadow. Genius, right? So, when all else fails, head to your black clothes for comfort.

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