Four Ways to Stop Living with Relationship Envy

Jealousy, unfortunately, is almost natural to the human race at times. It can creep up on us – whether it’s about that amazing dress you saw your friend wear, your brother’s cool job (and high salary), that seemingly-perfect body you saw on Instagram or just seeing the newest couple looking totally in love. But nobody wants to be jealous. It’s not a nice feeling, and green isn’t anyone’s colour, let’s be real. But if you find yourself experiencing a little too much envy at all of the happy couples around you, then we’re here to help.



Maybe you’re in a relationship and just find yourself wishing you and your boo were a little more like your friends who go on cute dates or are constantly holding hands, or maybe you’re just a little too single and missing that couple element. But you shouldn’t let this impact your own relationship – whether that means being too fixated on other couples to pursue your own relationship or enjoying your singledom, or being too jealous of what other couples have to enjoy and really appreciate what you have with your own significant other.

Make sure you take the time to appreciate the stage that you’re in in your life. If it’s being single, then enjoy it to the fullest, and if you’re dating, don’t try to rush to match another couple’s goals or actions – enjoy what’s happening for you. One day, you’re going to look back on these days and wish you appreciated them more. And there’s probably someone who’s looking at your life with envy too!



Remember what you love about your significant other? Remind yourself of that, because you’re dating them for a reason. So when you look at other couples and see what they’re doing, what progress they’ve made, or even how their life plans have differed from yours, don’t compare it to your relationship. Every relationship is different, much like every couple is different. And just because a couple appears to be happy, don’t try to emulate exactly what they’re doing to get the same results, because that’ll only result in chaos.

Remember also that there’s more than what meets the eye, so your #couplegoals might be posing for Instagram, and not so happy at home. Instead of channeling all your time and energy into trying to create a blissful relationship just like theirs, focus on the things that work for you and bae. You’ll both thank us later.



Okay, so you and your significant other don’t hold hands as much as you did when you first started dating, but that doesn’t mean you have to secretly hate on your BFF and her new man just because they do. We know it’s easier said than done, but instead of getting jealous of what they have, redirect your energy to admiring it. If you’re single, take a look at these couples as examples of what happy and healthy relationships can look like, and know what you want to achieve in future relationships – but don’t let it make you green with envy that you don’t have it.

Maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in us, but there’s something so beautiful about seeing a couple that is so genuinely happy and loving together, maybe it’s not through PDA, maybe it’s just from their genuine joy of being around each other. Don’t stress about it. Let it happen naturally. But in the meantime, appreciate what they have and relish in the fact that happiness and love do exist.



You know the saying: nothing you read on the internet is true. Okay, so we’re lying, especially if you’re reading this on our website ( – shameless plug!). But with the 21st century grew the internet age, which brought social media, which yes we admit is fun, but can also be detrimental to our wellbeing if not used properly. By that we mean, don’t believe everything you see on Instagram.

Let’s ask you one question: would you want to share the most boring, or even the worst, parts of your life or relationship? No, right? No one does! Not even your favourite couple. So while you’re seeing photos of them constantly travelling together, or out on a date every single night, you can rest with the fact that some of these are likely #TBTs, and not even your fave couple has a perfect life.

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