5 Things You’ll Want to Know Before You Get Your First Bikini Wax



We’re not even going to lie… getting a bikini wax hurts. But you might be surprised to find that it won’t hurt as much as you’re expecting, because it’s been hyped up to be the world’s worst pain. But the process is fairly simple: the waxer will spread hot wax onto your skin, and using a strip or hard wax (more on that after), will pull it off piece by piece. Expect to feel a sting or some discomfort, but it’ll only last for a few seconds. If you know you have a lower pain tolerance, opt to take some pain-killers like an ibuprofen an hour before your appointment, which will help to reduce inflammation, and in turn, pain.



Did you know that there are two different kinds of wax? Soft wax and hard wax. Chances are, if you’ve gotten a wax before, you’ve used soft wax at some point, as it’s the most common type used. It’s applied onto the skin with a wooden spatula, and removed with a strip of fabric. Hard wax, on the other hand, requires more skill and practice, so it’s not as commonly used, or might be more expensive. Hard wax hardens by itself, sticking to your hair and not your skin, so it’s gentler on your skin when pulled and causes less irritation. Many salons might offer both, but if you have sensitive skin or you’re concerned about waxing sensitive areas, it’s best to find somewhere that uses hard wax.



While there’s no rule about getting a wax when you have your period, there are certainly a few things you’ll want to consider before booking your appointment the same week your period shows up. First of all, for a proper bikini wax, you won’t be wearing any underwear, so you’ll need to make sure you’re wearing a tampon instead of a pad. Secondly, you should note that for most women, your skin is more sensitive during your period, and scheduling a bikini wax during this time might lead to a little more pain, especially if you’re not accustomed to the experience as yet.



Ok, plain and simple, getting a bikini wax can be uncomfortable, for more reasons than just the pain. To get a clean (and thorough) wax, your waxer will have you switch between a number of positions that might make you feel just a little self-conscious, especially considering you’re totally commando during it all. Whether it’s going on all fours, lifting one leg up, or even putting your own hands to work while you hold skin areas tightly, it can get interesting to say the least. But, don’t feel awkward, because everyone has to do this, it’s not just you. If you do feel particularly uncomfortable, let your waxer know, and you’ll figure out another way to remove the hair that works for you both.



If you find that after your bikini wax, you’re experiencing some redness or discomfort in the area, don’t freak out. This is normal, and to be honest, to be expected – I mean, think about it, you literally just ripped hair out of your most sensitive parts. Reduce the irritation by not bathing in very hot water for a day or two, staying out of the sun for the day, and applying a soothing ointment to your particularly red and irritated areas. As long as you don’t book your wax the same day you’re planning to go to the beach, or head straight to a romantic rendezvous post-wax, then you should be more than fine.

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