5 Things You’re Doing That Are Unconsciously Damaging Your Natural Hair:




If you find your hair is experiencing breakage more than usual, chances are you should look at your brush technique. And by that, we mean how often you’re combing and brushing your hair. The simple fact is: the less you brush, the healthier your hair will be, because brushing your hair too much can weaken the hair, cause unnecessary friction, thinning, split ends and breakage.

Instead of using a brush, opt for a wider-toothed comb, or even just your fingers, to detangle your hair and style without breakage and damage. Plus, make sure you start at the ends of your hair and work your way up.



For natural hair, there’s nothing more important than keeping the right moisture-protein balance in your hair. It’s simple: hydration = water, not oil. The only way to get the necessary moisture in your hair, is by using water – especially with your curls, which need extra moisture.

If you feel like your hair is dry and greasy, chances are it’s because you’ve skipped the hydration you need and overcompensated with oils. While oils are amazing for your curls, they’re not hydrators, but instead seal whatever moisture is in your hair. SO.. start with water (or water-based products), then seal with oil.



This is probably the hardest to break. While you might find a product that looks amazing, or smells amazing, you need to ask yourself before you buy it: will this work for my hair? With reviews floating all around the internet, we tend to get caught up in what people recommend and forget to take into account that these products simply might not be for us.

And when you do find products you like, make sure you’re not overusing it. Too much styling product weighs down your hair, and contributes to breakage. So use a light hand when applying product, or wash soon after to avoid weighing down your locks.



While using hair ties and bobby pins are almost essential to achieving the perfect style, they might be the reason your hair’s getting damaged. Products like hair ties with metal clasps tend to catch your hair, and ultimately tear off your strands in the process, causing some serious breakage. Opt for the clasp-less, no-damage hair ties to keep your strands safe.

Using cheap bobby pins does the same thing: they snag and snatch at your locks, causing unwanted damage. To prevent this, buy higher quality hair pins, and dip them in a little bit of oil before putting them in your hair, for a little extra lubrication.



While we’re not saying to avoid using heat altogether, girls with natural curls should be applying heat sparingly. Blow drying or flat ironing your hair can cause breakage and drying out, so if you’re going to use heat, ensure you’re moisturizing a little extra. And never go without a heat protectant before using these tools. Natural hair, especially, needs that extra protection.

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