5 Easy Ways to Make Your Brows Look Good, Even Between Waxes:



So it’s been a little while since your last eyebrow wax appointment, and things are looking, well, a little unruly to say the least. Have no fear. Our brows don’t need to be perfect 24/7. Yeah, we’d like them to be, but sometimes, it’s just not possible and it’s our job to make them look as near-perfect (or just presentable, to be honest) as possible. The easiest way to do this is by tweezing away obvious stray hairs.

We know you’re no brow queen, so we don’t expect you to reshape your eyebrows with your tweezers. (Is anyone else having horrible flashbacks to the early 2000s thin eyebrow style? Eek!). But, an easy way to have your brows look more presentable is to clean them up by plucking out the hairs that are so obviously not supposed to be there. Don’t touch your shape or brow structure, but instead clean up around your natural arch. Ensure you’re using the right tools, like a good tweezers, to guarantee precision.



Much like your actual hair, sometimes all we need is a good old brush to the hair to improve our general appearance. It’s crazy how much more groomed our eyebrows can look by just using a spoolie brush to comb through the hair strands. If you don’t own a brow brush (which 10/10 we recommend everyone owning!), then use an old mascara wand – make sure to wash it out first – and just brush up and across your brow in the direction of your hair growth. Not only will this help to put everything in its place, but it’ll reveal any stray hairs you may have missed, and quickly pluck them.



Using a light brow pencil or even a brow pomade can do wonders for your eyebrows, and can help to fill in any patchy areas, define your brow shape and draw attention away from any little stray hairs that might be lingering. Not sure where to start with filling in your brows?

Well, for one, pick a pencil that’s a shade or two lighter than your hair colour, and mimic the natural direction of your hairs with light strokes. Avoid pressing too hard as this will make the product apply heavily, and look very unnatural – drawing even more attention to your brows, and not in a good way. Top it off with a clear brow gel to keep all of your hairs in place, and you’re good to go.



A little concealer goes a long way, and the same goes when it comes to your eyebrows. Using a shade you’d typically use for your under-eye area (typically one shade below your natural skin tone shade, but not too light to highlight the area), apply a little concealer both underneath and above your brow, right along the brow bone. Blend the concealer in properly and naturally, and it’ll help to not only cover any imperfections (read: stray hairs), but also carve out your eyebrow perfectly, so it looks more defined than usual.



If all else fails, move focus from your brows to somewhere else, like your lips. If you’re struggling to make your brows look a little less Sasquatch-y, and a little more top model, then pair it with a bold lip look, and draw all of the attention to your flawless smile, than your not-so-flawless brows.

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