4 Reasons Why You Should Dress up for Work Every Day



I don’t know about you, but I feel unstoppable when I’m dressed to impress. A pair of heels, a dress or pencil skirt, and looking made up? Well, I’m on top of the world. What if you felt like that every single day you walked into the office?

Yes, while it’s easier (and more comfortable) to throw on a pair of slacks and flats, or jeans and a sandal for those with more casual jobs, there’s nothing like the confidence you’ll get walking into the office and knowing you’re likely the best dressed there. Plus, it gives you a little something to add to your morning routine that’s just for you. So, set your alarm five minutes earlier and pick out what’ll make you feel most confident tomorrow, and let us know what you think.



You know the saying ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’, well it couldn’t be any truer! Yes, while you may be happy with your current job – you should see every single day as a networking opportunity, not just with your coworkers, but with people you may interact with fleetingly. If people remember you for how professional and put together you look, they’ll start to associate your name with doing a good job (granted you’re not total crap at your job, of course).

Imagine it as this: you wouldn’t want your biggest crush to see you looking blah, would you? So why would you let someone who can help further your career – directly or indirectly – see you looking like that every day. Dressing up won’t just make you look pretty (which isn’t the most important thing in the workplace), but will help you to look the part you want to play.



What? I know what you’re thinking – how does dressing up make you more productive in the office? Well, it’s simple. If you’re dressed too comfortably, your brain will associate it with relaxation time, and you’ll find yourself feeling lazier or more tired than usual. And though sometimes work makes us want to just take a nap, our job is to show up and be present (and that means mentally too!). But, that being said, don’t do the opposite and wear something too uncomfortable – because then you’ll be distracted by your discomfort.



While we love a lazy-girl hack, sometimes we just have to give it up. While being a little lazy (and opting for comfier clothes) doesn’t necessarily harm anyone, it can come across as being sloppy or uncaring on your part. You don’t want your boss to think your outfit reflects your opinion of your job. We know it doesn’t, and we know it’s entirely because you’d prefer to sleep an extra ten minutes in the morning.

But they don’t, and it can look like you just don’t care. Make it easier for yourself: the night before, pick out what you’ll wear. Then, stock your wardrobe with simple separates that can be mixed and matched to suit. Sticking to monochromatic colours like black and white can make it a lot easier to start dressing up. Then, when you’ve got it down, add some colour and fun.

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