How Keeping a Daily Journal Can Change Your Life

Obviously, if you’re reading this, you’re a fan of words. Perhaps you like to read the paper on a Sunday casually over a cup of hot coffee. Or you might prefer to scroll through Facebook, clicking on articles that peak your interest. Or maybe you just know that there’s something missing in your life, and you’re ready to change your life for the better, and you landed here. In any case, you’re reading words. Who can blame you? We certainly love words over here.

But loving to read, or scroll through Facebook, or even search for all the answers doesn’t necessarily mean you love to write. In fact, most people don’t like writing: there’s pressure on who will see it, who will critique it, and what if you make a mistake? So for most people, the idea of keeping a journal sounds like torture. Why would you willingly want to write? But hear me out, you should.

Now, when you think about a journal, I’m pretty sure the first thought that popped into your head was your primary school, pink, hearts-filled journal about which boy you loved this week, what friend was being mean to you, and all of your hopes and dreams for the future. Well, this is totally different – but still really similar at the same time. For me, journaling has helped to change my life – and chances are, it will for you too. But exactly how can keeping a daily journal positively affect your life? Well…


They say you never know when you’re making a memory until the moment has passed. Perhaps you had a seemingly insignificant conversation with someone that ended up changing your life. Wouldn’t you like to look back and relive the best and even the worst times? Well, journaling can help that. While we’re not scribbling Dear Diary or our names in hearts anymore, keeping a daily journal helps you to capture what happened to you during that day – even if it’s remotely boring. Maybe you just went to the gym? Ok, yawn. But what if a year or two from now, you’re a fitness star and looking back, you can see where the dedication began.


Consider journaling like free therapy. You don’t have to pay someone to listen to you rationalise your thoughts, or awkwardly sit there while you cry. Your journal does it all for free. You can get every thought out of your head. And there’s no one there to judge you. It’s a little poetic, isn’t it? To think that you can write about the biggest (or smallest) things that may happen to you, and have it all there as reflection.


So every year, there’s a list of things you want to do – resolutions you want to commit to that you’re sure will make you a better person. Maybe it’s find a boyfriend, or ditch your deadbeat one. Maybe it’s lose ten pounds, or pick up a new hobby. Maybe it’s finish your degree, or switch jobs. Whatever it is, all of your life’s decisions lie in your hands, and getting into a routine of journaling helps you to create a habit. If you’re able to keep this habit, you’ll be able to keep others. So committing ten minutes every night to journal may just help you lose weight after all – because hey, you’ve already shown that you can keep at something once you’ve started.


 We are all guilty of doing it. We will discuss something, and then discuss it again and again and again. With our sisters, with our girls over drinks, with anyone who will listen. But no more. Not only is this habit highly unhealthy, but it’s prolonging your ability to move on from the issue at hand. Journaling helps here. You find yourself overthinking? Write it all out. Then, when all of your thoughts are out of you, you don’t need to seek advice from other people. Have more thoughts? Write it down again. Discussing a problem tends to extend its life, and that’s the last thing you want to do.

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