3 Things to Consider Before Going on a Vacation with Bae

Ok, travelling with your significant other is a serious deal. In fact, it can be a deal breaker – especially if you don’t live with your SO currently. Let’s face it: if you really want to test the foundation of your relationship, then going on a trip with your boyfriend is the way to do it.

If you don’t live together, chances are going on a vacation is the first time you’ll be spending this much time together. That’s not to say you and bae don’t lime every second you can get, but there’s a difference when you’re sleeping next to the person, sharing a bathroom with them, and spending every second together around the clock. It can be a game changer.

But when do you know if you’re ready to go on a vacay with bae? Or should we say a bae-cation? Well, we’ve created a handy guide of some things you might want to consider before you book that all-inclusive getaway.


Of course, there’s no magic number of months or years you should be together before you book a vacation, but the general rule of thumb is that you don’t want to hop on a plane before your relationship is ready. In fact, going on vacay with your significant other too soon can make or break your relationship.

While some people think you shouldn’t travel with your boyfriend until you’ve at least made the half-year point, others think that once you’re ‘official’ – you know, meaning there’s a title and you’re not just seeing each other at fetes – then you’re good to go. But experts think that the amount of time together should impact how long of a vacation you go on.

If you’ve been (officially) together for a month, you’re ready for one night away. Two months, two nights, and so on. So, for a week-long vacation, you’d need to be dating your bae for at least seven months.


Beyond just the fact that you’ve been dating, truly assess your relationship. Have you two spent significant one-on-one time together. And no, we’re not talking about in the bedroom, because let’s face it, even on the most romantic of getaways, you need to come up for air at some point.

We’re talking about quality time. If you and your boo are able to talk about just about anything, are comfortable with each other, even at your worst (remember this person is about to see, and probably smell, you poop – you gotta be comfy for that), and don’t need to be watching a movie or lying horizontally to bond, then well, you’re probably ready.

If not, maybe hold off on a longer vacation, or go with a big group of friends. Ease yourself into it, or you might just blow a fuse before its ready.


This is an important one, especially if you’re someone who loves to travel. If you’re more of a wine-and-dine kind of traveller, while they prefer to rough it and go backpacking, then chances are you might not be the best travel match. Maybe you want to relax on vacation and he wants to see all of the sights. Or you prioritize exploring over fine dining.

Whatever your styles are, figure out if they’re compatible – and of course, see if there’s room for negotiation. If you’re both too strict on either sides of the spectrum, there’s no meeting in the middle and the trip (and likely your relationship) is doomed.

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