Four Ways to Start Reading (for fun) More



If you haven’t picked up a book since CXC English, then chances are, you’re going to need to start slow. Let’s start with the popular books. If you’re an advanced reader, try picking up anything off of the New York Times bestsellers list. Want something more light and fun? Take a look at some of the recent movies that hit the big screen that were adapted from books.

Whether it’s the latest movie Crazy, Rich Asians, or Netflix’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, starting with one of those light-and-easy reads is sure to get you hooked, especially when you can soon put a face to the words you’re reading. Scroll through Amazon for their most popular books and find those with a cult following, so you know you’re in safe hands.



There’s no better excuse to end your reading drought than by joining a book club with friends (or strangers!). Not only does it basically force you to read the book, it makes sure you read it properly, because you can’t really BS your way through the book if you have to have a discussion about it after. Plus, it’s an amazing way to socialize or make new friends who have similar interests as you. And, it’s a guaranteed way to get out of your comfort zone and read something a little different than you’re used to. But, make sure you choose a book club that you’re able to commit to – so if you know you’re just getting back into it, don’t join one that requires you to read a book a week. If a book a month is a better speed, then make sure you find a group of people who are on your same level.



If a major reason why you’re not reading often enough is because you just don’t find the books you like here, or it’s too expensive to upkeep, or it’s hard to tote around a book, then an e-reader might be for you. Yes, while it’s an initial expense at first, you can find some that are reasonably priced (Amazon has kindles that start at around $80US, or just over $500TT), and it’s much easier to find books that are more affordable for the e-reader.

Whether it’s daily deals where books are available for $1, or purchasing an Unlimited monthly membership where for a nominal fee, you can read just about any book available, it’s way cheaper than buying the hard copy of a book. Of course, you don’t get that book-in-hand feel, but you can tote your e-reader basically anywhere, so you can read in line at the bank, at the dentist or on your lunch break.



This is an amazing way to get back into the groove of reading, and you’re supporting local. Reading books written by local or Caribbean authors (bonus points if they’re not super famous as yet!) are a great way to feel connected to your culture, to home and to support our local and regional talent.

The best part about most of these local books is that they’re usually based or set in the Caribbean, feature characters that might remind you of yourself or family members, and they’re more relatable to life in the Caribbean. So while international authors are great, having to stop to Google the places they’re referring to so you get a better idea isn’t. With local authors, there’s none of that.

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