All of the Best Responses to T+T’s Sex Toy Ban

Last week, the news broke that Trinidad’s Customs and Excise Division will seize any and all adult toys—even if imported for personal use. Now, naturally, that made us a little curious. What is it about sex toys that make them unfit for import, or even use? Well, according to Customs, an old legislation still exists that prohibits the use or sale of ‘pornographic’ items. This law hasn’t been changed – so we must live a vanilla-sex-filled life. Turns out, we at XX weren’t the only ones with a lot to say on this matter, so we’re rounding up the BEST responses from our sexually-dissatisfied nation.


Who approved this front page design?




As a result, vendors will hike the price of vegetables.



Where’s the lie?


and this comment…

Feels like it, eh. 


We should have seen this coming. 


He’s very honest. (Also, probably not great in bed.)


On today’s episode of ‘Trinidad Is Not A Real Place’ 


So the general consensus is we’re all going to be vegetable farmers

Finding the person who could do it right is where the work comes in.

Our government is basically a vibrator with never-ending battery.

PSA: not suitable for children.

Grocery bills rising! 

We feel that’s it. 


Manicures for all!

But the best idea of them all:

What are YOUR thoughts on the sex toy ban? And is it gonna affect your life?

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