One Beauty Mistake You’re Probably Making (And How Fixing It Will Save You Money!)

Makeup is an incredible tool – and when used correctly, it can enhance our look, brighten our face and help our features to “pop”. But because it’s an art form of sorts, there’s a lot of room for creativity with how the tools are used.

Like painting or drawing or any other form of artistry, there’s no right and wrong way to apply makeup, but there are certainly tips and tricks we can pick up to save us time, energy and money – or to give us a certain finish that we’re looking for.

While most of us use makeup on a daily or semi-regular basis (whether it’s a full beat face or just a touch to cover up a spot or a dark circle), many people are making a mistake that’s actually costing them money. In fact, when I first discovered this mistake, it was a total game changer. Ready to find out what it is?

Concealer: it’s our favourite tool. The beauty of it is that it comes in many different formulas, that each have their own benefits, and work for just about everyone. In fact, those who are #blessed with flawless skin can get away with just some dabs of concealer on the face and go out. We hate those people. Kidding, but share with us your skin routine so we can join you.

Anyway, concealer can oddly be very expensive, considering it comes in just a small tube and we use it pretty much every day. Well, as it turns out, we’ve been wasting our concealer this entire time and we didn’t even realize, and it all comes down to one thing: application.

When I first started wearing makeup (late late late into my teenage years, I would go to cooler fetes in my school days rocking a bare face and just some disgustingly shimmery eyeshadow and think I looked amazing.. RIP!), I thought the process went something like this: moisturizer to prep the skin, concealer to hide all the imperfections, and then foundation over it to cover the rest. Wrong. I was wrong.

Turns out, we shouldn’t apply our concealer before our foundation – because when you apply foundation, most of the base layer is coming off or blending anyway, so you’re basically just wasting all of that product. Hmm. Learned this one a few years too late.

Once I figured out the proper steps of applying makeup, I would slather on concealer under my eyes and across imperfections like it was going out of style – and once again, I was wasting product. Apparently, I was using too much. When you use concealer, you’re supposed to apply it in dots or small lines and blend it out. The point of using less product is so that when you blend the product out, it evenly covers the area, and doesn’t just accumulate product and looks thick.

Lastly, and this is a mistake I made up until last month, you’re most likely using the wrong tools to apply. While there’s nothing wrong with using a brush or a sponge to blend your concealer out, it sucks up product in the process, so you end up using more to get the same amount of coverage. Professionals recommend the finger method (YouTube Wayne Goss, he’ll explain it all!) because not only does it allow you to control your coverage, but it also warms up the products from the heat of your hands and causes it to blend smoother and more naturally.

And just like that: you’re saving yourself product (and money!)

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