4 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Life



You know that feeling of overwhelm when you scroll through your Facebook news feed and see posts from someone you haven’t seen in about 9 years, let alone care to see again; or worse, see posts from someone you haven’t actually even met. It’s time to clean out! Doing a regular cleanse (maybe once a year?) to ensure you’re only surrounding yourself with friends and family whose news you actually care to read or hear about, and even more, to make sure you’re only sharing your most personal news, thoughts and photos with people you want to see them. In this digital world, things can turn dangerous really quickly – and it’s easier than ever to stop that in its tracks: hit delete.



We all have that ever-growing pile of clothes that either no longer fits just right, or just certainly isn’t our style anymore, and we’re just waiting patiently for something – anything – to make us either re-evaluate it or to find someone to take it off our hands. Well, that someone is you. Take an hour out of your weekend to go through your wardrobe and realistically assess your clothing. If you haven’t worn it in the last six months (and it’s not an occasion outfit), then the chances of you wearing it in the next six months are slim. Pull it into a garbage bag and give it away! Either have your closest gal pals come over for a clothing swap or drive down to your favourite charity and give them some gently loved clothing for a good cause.



This is super important if you’re getting serious about establishing your financial health. If you find that you drain a lot of money every month and are just not sure where exactly it goes, OR you know that you’re spending too much unnecessarily at one place or on one thing in particular, it’s time to re-evaluate your spending. Track all of your expenses for a month and honestly assess at the end of the month whether the purchase was necessary to your life, or if it could be cut down or cut completely. Then, take a look at your regular purchases – whether you splurge on a manicure twice a month, or pay a monthly gym fee, or pay off a car loan, and prioritize what’s most important, and then make a plan to start saving more.



We’re gonna say it right now: it’s okay to say no. You cannot and should not say yes to everything that comes your way, and it’s important to remove commitments that waste your time and energy from your daily life. Your time is precious, and you are the only person that controls it – so make the conscious decision to choose how you’re spending it wisely. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying to abandon your friends or drop every commitment you’ve made, but make more of an effort to be mindful of what you’re agreeing to, and look at your time as an investment, except without dollars, you’re paying with minutes. Would you regret this purchase if you paid with your LINX card? Then don’t waste your time on it.

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