7 Ways to Adjust Your Skincare Routine for the Summer



With the hot sun causing your face to shine and sweat just a little bit more in the summer months, combined with the humidity caused by our rainy season, it’s easy for our pores to get clogged and manifest dirt and oil to cause unwanted breakouts.

Especially when you choose to wear makeup, take the time to wash your face properly – both in the morning and at night – to prevent any imperfections from tackling your skin.



Yes, there is a thing as too much sun. While we live in the Caribbean, and we don’t celebrate “summer” per se, the June-August months tend to bring out more beach, pool and boat parties than normal.

Be careful about the time you spend in the sun, and try to cover up as much as possible (yes, even at a fete!) to prevent wrinkles, sun spots and age marks later on in life.



We must say this once a week, but water is the cure for everything, we’re convinced. If you’re choosing to spend more time in the sun, or if you just want that glowing skin look, water is the answer to all of your questions.

Not only will it help your body stay hydrated, but your skin will look bouncier, more refreshed and more relaxed – making everyone think you spent the summer on vacation instead of at your regular 9-5 job.

Especially in the summer months, up your water intake by a couple glasses a day – and hey, it’ll help us look bikini body ready too. Talk about a win/win.



If you don’t drink enough water (see tip #3!), or spend too much time in the sun (and tip #2!), it’s easy for your skin to get dehydrated.

With the skin being the largest organ, it’s integral that you return some moisture to ensure that your skin is well-cared for.

Plus, moisturizing with a body butter or lotion (especially ones that contain aloe, coconut oil or vitamin E) helps when you’re just a little too sun-kissed (or burnt!). Thank us later.



While this should already be a part of your regular skincare routine, it’s more important than ever in the summer months – or whenever you’ll be spending time in the sun.

While applying daily sunscreen on your face helps to prevent sun spots and wrinkles, we can’t forget about applying enough sunblock on our bodies.

Even when you apply, don’t forget to re-apply every couple hours to ensure that your skin is not taking abuse from the sun’s rays, and you’re not gearing your skin up for a bad burn or even worse – chances of skin cancer.



In addition to washing your face regularly, it’s important to incorporate some sort of exfoliation technique into your skincare routine.

This is what will keep your skin looking fresh and healthy, and help to remove dirt and dead skin cells. Plus, it’ll help to remove any peeling skin from sunburn, which is always a good thing.

Try using a soft-bristled scrub brush with an exfoliating cleanser, or schedule a micro-dermabrasion or exfoliation session with your dermatologist.



One of the worst parts about the high temperatures and humidity that we experience is definitely the feeling of walking outside and having your makeup melt off. Beyond that, just feeling sticky, clogged or shiny is enough to make us want to scrub everything off right then and there.

For summer, consider cutting back on how much makeup you use – or opt for lighter products. Instead of a full-coverage foundation or heavy concealer, try a lighter BB or CC cream to give your face coverage without clogging your pores. For double-duty, try a tinted moisturizer with SPF, to cover all your bases. The best part is you’ll feel less sticky during the day, but also spend less time applying and removing makeup – freeing more time in your day for you.

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