Audrey Hepburn’s earrings are in TRINIDAD!

For Nissa Hanooman, the owner and stylist of Little Black Dress, Audrey Hepburn is more than just a fashion idol: she’s an idol.

Growing up a petite girl, she often felt self-conscious about her small stature, and it was only when watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s in her early 20’s was she introduced to the beauty that is Audrey.

“The beauty about her was that she wasn’t perfect,” Nissa explained. “She was very skinny, and the ideal body and woman has curves.”

But the petite stylist, who grew up really insecure about her small figure, really resonated with Audrey. Looking at how she was able to dress for her body and wear clothes that fit her and that she could carry well really inspired Nissa, and the actress quickly became one of her idols.

“I just loved that she is who she is,” Nissa added.

Years later, when Nissa opened her store, Little Black Dress, it definitely played homage to the fashion icon in many ways – including little Audrey-inspired trinkets all around the shopfront. LBD shoppers came to know and love Audrey through Nissa.

Between their classic sense of style, their simplistic beauty, and their love of black, Audrey and Nissa had a whole lot in common – and LBD customers were quick to show Nissa anything Audrey related.

So last year, when Audrey’s sons put some of her prized possessions up for auction, Nissa received countless emails about it – but she didn’t even click on the link because she know she probably couldn’t afford anything.

Then, months later, she got a phone call that she never expected from a customer. Her customer, a lawyer, had clients who bid on Audrey’s earrings – and they were in Trinidad. She offered to bring them to the store for Nissa to see them in real life, and it was quite possibly a dream come true.

Just the idea of having Audrey Hepburn’s real earrings in her store was unreal, and Nissa was so honoured that she has followers and shoppers that know and respect her love for the icon to even let her see the pieces.

The two pairs of earrings, which sold for a whopping £10,000 – or nearly TTD$95,000 – weren’t even real jewellery. The earrings were both costume jewellery made by Kenneth J Lane, and replicas retail for under £200 on his website.

Nissa now owns a replica – and while they look identical, nothing compares to having a little bit of Audrey.

Photography by Matthew Bain
Makeup by Katrina Laydoo of The MUA House
Wardrobe/Styling by Little Black Dress & Co.
Jumpsuit by Poca and Poca
Earrings by Kenneth J. Lane
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